Before You Research Pet Insurance with Canstar, Finder or Choosi

Comparison Web sites seem like a great way to quickly research a purchase.  They have teams of editors and comprehensive comparisons of every product in the market, right?

Not so fast when it comes to pet insurance!

Three major comparison sites feature information on pet insurance – Canstar, Finder and Choosi.  But before you turn to them as a trusted advisor, you should understand how their business models work.

Canstar is famous for its five star ratings, which it has recently bestowed on Pet Insurance Australia, and ProSure.  Must mean these are the best brands, right?  Well, while these awards are front and center, you’ve got to dig a bit deeper on Canstar’s Website to discover that, “A fee is negotiated for allowing the winner to use the Canstar name and award individually or for all ratings and awards they might win in a year. We don’t disclose these fees.”

It’s a good bet that these undisclosed fees aren’t cheap, but we’ll never know who didn’t opt to pay them.

Next, there’s Finder.  As the name implies, it seems like a great place to FIND pet insurance.  But Finder’s guide is far from comprehensive, covering only five brands – less than one quarter of the market!  You need to dig down into the fine print to discover that, “Although we cover a wide range of products, providers and services we don’t cover every product, provider or service available in the market so there may be other options available to you.”

Finally, there’s Choosi, which helps you CHOOSE from among five more brands (different than the pet insurance plans you’ll see on Finder.)  Once again to the fine print we go, where we see that, “Choosi has commercial relationships with all insurers that are available for comparison. Choosi obtains a commission from the insurer for arranging any insurance you choose to buy.”  Guess that excludes the 3/4 of the brands that don’t pay Choosi to be included on their site.

Fortunately, there is one site in Australia that does offer pet insurance reviews and price comparisons on every brand in Australia – and you’ve already found it!

Top 10 Pet Insurance was built and run by pet owners for pet owners.  We think that pet insurance is an important tool for many pet owners, but struggled to understand it ourselves.  So we built this site to help everyone understand their options and help pick the plan that best fits their needs.

We provide information on every brand, at absolutely no charge to them or you.  All of our research is done independently.

Now, this does require a fair amount of work, so we accept advertising from a few of the brands (currently Bow Wow Meow and Woolworths).  If you purchase a plan from those advertisers via our Website, we earn a small referral fee.  (And if you don’t, that’s fine too.)  The fees go towards the cost of building and maintaining this Website, with a little left over for us to splurge on our dogs.

We hope you find our site useful and are glad that you’re looking out for your dog or cat!



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