Pet Insurance Helps Keep Your Best Friend Healthy

Two thirds of Australians own a pet—so why don’t they have pet insurance? It really could be a matter of life or death…

Are You Having “Paws” For Thought When It Comes To Pet Insurance? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be.

Pet insurance might seem expensive, but putting off cover could lead to a black hole in your budget—and an even bigger one in your heart. 
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Australia is a nation of pet lovers, with just over two thirds of us sharing our lives with a furry friend. There’s no doubting that we love to pamper them, according to a survey by Suncorp Bank, pet owners spend an average of $450 a month to keep them healthy and happy, well and fed—all for the joy of the companionship a furry friend.

That’s a lot of money, and a sum that will increase as your pet ages and requires more frequent trip to the vet.  Just like us humans, your dog or cat will need more frequent trips to the doctor as they age, and will likely require regular medications for injury or ailments in their later years.

While you may simply bake these costs into your regular monthly spending and budget, pet insurance can be a great tool to smooth out the costs of your pet’s healthcare.  A short trip to the emergency clinic can easily be hundreds or even thousands of dollars – hurting your wallet nearly as much as that poor choice of snack hurt your dog’s belly.

And sometimes, life doesn’t play fair and your beloved pet will be in one scrape that’s gone too far.

All too often when this happens, Australian pet owners find themselves in the agonizing position of not being able to afford a full course of treatment, leading to the sad decision of euthanizing their beloved family pet – more due to financial than medical reasons.

The heartbreak and immense feelings of guilt that come with this awful decision is one that nobody should go through—and with pet insurance, you can have peace of mind that you’ll probably never need to face this dire choice.

So why are so many of us reluctant when it comes to picking out cover? Pet insurance is giving your pet the best possible future, while giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens, you can get your best friend the medical care they need.

Pet Insurance AustraliaThe Smallest Family Member with the Biggest Heart 

Remember the first time you met your pet? Whether a puppy with big, blue eyes who can’t stop wagging his tail at seeing you or the purring kitty who chose you as her human slave and catnip dispenser, that moment is the start of a powerful bond that spans many happy years.

Pets are much more than just animals: they’re a part of the family with an enormous impact on our health and wellbeing, simply through their presence.

  • Social wellbeing: pets provide loyal companionship through thick and thin, and are also–and coming home to an excited pet is a daily event that can turn around even the most challenging of days
  • Mental health: if you’re prone to stress, anxiety or suffer from depression, the physical presence and love of a pet bolsters your positive feelings, reducing the impact of mental health issues
  • Physical health: taking your dog out for a walk is the most obvious benefit here, keeping human and pet healthy—and with doctors recommending walking daily for long-term health, there’s no excuses here!

The benefits don’t stop there. If you have kids, the companionship of a pet is more than just a best friend—simply playing with a pet has been shown to boost young immune systems and even reduce susceptibility to allergies.

All told, a pet doesn’t just bring happiness into the family, but an enormous range of benefits that simply can’t be ignored: good pet insurance allows you to return the favour when your pet needs it most.

“It’s just a waste of money—what if I never use it? It’s just money down the drain that I could keep in my own pocket”

Opening up a savings account solely for future veterinary expenses is, on the face of it, a smart move. Over time, you’ll build up a nest egg and be prepared for the worst.

But life isn’t quite that simple—and accidents and illnesses can strike at the worst possible time, leaving you without the funds you need to make and the heartbreak of making tough decisions.

You may think that you would be prepared to spend any sum of money to help your pet—but consider the reality of a bill that quickly spirals into tens of thousands of dollars and rising.

With pet insurance, you get peace of mind without a price tag of thousands, and that protection starts from the minute you sign up for your policy. You can’t prevent curious cats and careless dogs from accident, injury or illness—but you can be prepared to offer them the very best treatment.

Even better, you can save as much as 85% on veterinary bills—a huge saving that reveals that the savings account isn’t necessarily the best investment of your pet healthcare money.

Choose A Policy That Fits Your Situation — And Research!

Every pet is different: a rural dog with command of the farm has very different risks to the indoor city kitty, and Australian pet insurance companies have come up with a huge range of policies to cover your pet’s needs at all budget levels.

Accident cover is limited to injuries arising from accidents, but doesn’t cover illness. Despite this limitation, it’s a low-cost policy that offers peace of mind for owners of accident-prone pets. Illness cover excludes accidents, but offers protection against life-threatening medical conditions.

However, the limitations of these two policies mean it’s far wiser to get accident and illness covers combined, known as comprehensive cover. These do come at a higher premium, but its comprehensive nature makes this a good choice and one of the most popular in Australia today.

At the highest level of insurance is Comprehensive Plus cover, which comes with additional benefits. These will vary from policy to policy, but extras such as routine pet visits, vaccinations and more make this ideal for anyone who wants to give their pet premium health care on a regular basis.

Once you’ve decided which general kind of cover is best for you and your pet, compare pet insurance policies to see which one offers the best benefits for your needs.  What some policies exclude, others may not, and benefits can vary widely. Many plans also discounts or other incentives for new customers, so be sure to check our list of promo codes and discounts before you enroll.

With all the different policies on offer, reading the fine print and making a shortlist of candidates before ordering is important. Checking excesses, exclusions and co-payments along with sub-covers for common issues such as snake bites and ticks will help you to pick a policy that gives you the best deal. Spend a few minutes looking at pet insurance reviews as well.

When it comes to exclusions, be aware that pre-existing conditions are very rarely included in a policy, but be sure to check for exclusions that may cover an area of concern. By researching your choices thoroughly, you will be able to find a policy that you’re happy with.

You can also speak with your local veterinary surgery for advice—although they cannot recommend a specific policy for you by law, their professional knowledge will help you to make the best choice, as well as guide you in your research.

Protect Your Pet Before It Is Too Late

It’s simply not possible to predict the future—but with a pet insurance policy, you can give your pet the best possible care and protection should they suffer a catastrophic accident or be struck down by illness.

With a little research, you will find a policy that not only fits your budget, but gives you peace of mind—and in the long run, maximises the amount of time you can spend with your furriest, cutest and most lovable family member, a reward that really is priceless.