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NRMA Pet Insurance

NRMA does not offer standalone pet insurance. The information on this page relates to its Pet Plus roadside assistance add-on and its Pet Lover’s Pack, which is designed for NRMA home insurance policyholders.

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Who is NRMA?

NRMA is Australia’s go-to name for roadside assistance and is a leader in home, life, and auto insurance. With that in mind, it may seem like an easy decision to bundle all of your insurance needs into one package by also enrolling your pet with NRMA insurance.

However, while NRMA Pet Plus provides a unique set of benefits for your dog or cat, it is not comprehensive pet insurance. NRMA does not offer accident and illness coverage for pets, and NRMA Pet Plus does not provide any medical benefits coverage for your pet.

NRMA Pet Cover

Bearing in mind that NRMA does not offer traditional pet insurance, let’s do a quick rundown of what pet owners can benefit from, if they choose NRMA Pet Plus or the Pet Lover’s Pack.

NRMA Pet Plus

NRMA Pet Plus is designed to cover your pet when travelling in your vehicle. While Pet plus does not provide vet cover in the event of an accident, it does offer the following:

  • Should your vehicle break down while your cat or dog is travelling with you, Pet Plus will arrange to have your pet safely transported to the destination of your choice when travelling locally or interstate (limits apply).
  • If you are travelling interstate, Pet Plus will cover the cost of appropriate accommodation in a kennel or boarding home while your vehicle is being repaired (limits apply).
  • Lastly, Pet Plus can provide access to a national network of vets and pet service providers, if required.

Pet Plus is just one of the ways you can tailor your roadside assistance with NRMA. To add this feature to your NRMA roadside assistance membership, contact NRMA directly.

Pet Lover’s Pack

Just as Pet Plus is designed to work as an add-on for NRMA roadside assistance members, its Pet Lover’s Pack works as an optional add-on for NRMA home insurance policyholders. Here’s what it’s got to offer:

  • The Pet Lover’s Pack will cover up to $2,000 in vet costs for your dog or cat if they are hurt in an accident at home.
  • Cover also extends to cover the cost of boarding your cat or dog if they cannot live in your home due to a listed event.
  • Lastly, the add-on covers damage to your home and contents caused by your cat or dog.

With that in mind, the cover offered on the Pet Lover’s Pack does vary according to where you live. NRMA advises that cover is provided as described above for properties insured in NSW, QLD, ACT, and TAS. However, for properties insured in SA, WA, and the NT, your home insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by your pets.

For further details or to add this feature to your home insurance policy, contact NRMA directly.

Want More?

While Pet Plus and the Pet Lover’s Pack may provide valuable cover in certain situations, they don’t provide comprehensive cover, and they are not available to all pet owners.

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