Who has the cheapest pet insurance premium in Australia?

cardigan corgi - pet insurance

Cardigan Corgis have the lowest pet insurance premiums of any breed.

Ever wondered what the cheapest pet insurance premium is in Australia?

We wondered as well!

We have researched the prices on most of the major pet insurance websites and it will probably come as no surprise that the breed and age of the pet have by far the largest influence on the policy price.

We decided to head on over to the Petplan website on 26th April 2017 and check out their prices to find out which breeds are the cheapest to cover. Petplan is the oldest pet insurer in Australia so they probably know a thing or two about providing very accurate prices for each breed. As mentioned on our Peplan Pet Insurance Review they are one of the more expensive brands in terms of premium costs. For this comparison between breeds we have a level playing field as we have simply chosen the same level of cover for each breed.

Specifically we chose a one year Ultimate Life Cover policy for a 5 year old male dog living in Victoria.

The top 10 cheapest dog breeds to insure in Australia are:

Rank Breed Annual Premium
1 Cardigan Corgi $926.24
2 Jack Russell Terrier $990.98
3 Australian Terrier $990.98
4 Australian Silky Terrier $990.98
5 Chihuahua $1,042.77
6 West Highland White Terrier $1055.73
7 Rhodesian Ridgeback $1055.73
8 Miniature Poodle $1055.73
9 Standard Poodle $1055.73
10 Irish Water Spaniel $1,081.63

See the full list here.

We asked Shelley Camm of The Daily Corgi why she suspects this lesser known breed carries the best rates.

“For the most part Cardigan Corgis are not a popular breed, unlike Pembroke Welsh Corgis.  Therefore the breeding of them is, for the most part, done by a dedicated group of breeders who focus on breeding quality dogs with good health and longevity.   Also their size 0f 15 – 20 kilograms puts them at the lower end of medical expenses even simple things  like flea and tick prevention cost less then larger breeds like Labrador retrievers ”

As you can see these breeds are generally small dogs. Does size matter when insuring a dog? Yes it does. Have a look at our most expensive dogs to insure list and you will see that they are generally large breeds.

So you literally can afford to live like a queen if your are going to insure your Corgi knowing that you are paying the lowest premium of any breed in Australia!

The bottom line here is that if you are looking for the cheapest price you probably need to select a small breed of dog and then comparison shop the insurers to find the lowest price for the level of cover that you require. Of course this is unlikely to influence our behaviour in the real world. If you have fallen in love with a Newfoundland (the most expensive breed to insure in Australia) you are unlikely to change your mind and seek out a Corgi as your companion!

There is a big difference between the prices charged by the major insurers for the same breed so head on over to our pet insurance price comparison page to see who is likely to have the lowest premium for your chosen breed.

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Who has the cheapest pet insurance premium in Australia?
We have researched the major pet insurance companies to find out who has the cheapest dog insurance in Australia.
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