While pet insurance helps pet owners access quality healthcare for their dog or cat an affordable price, there are tens of thousands of animals across Australia without a home. ¬†Fortunately, there are a number of high impact rescue and animal welfare organizations that look out for the wellbeing of those animals that don’t yet have a loving home.

It’s worth considering if you would like to support an animal charity.

Fun fact! ¬†If you can’t help out financially, almost every animal shelter in Australia is genuinely interested in donations of goods that you may have spare at your home or workplace.

Have a look at this list of items that Animal Welfare League NSW would welcome as donations and consider them for your local charity.

  • Bandanas
  • Bedding – igloo style cat beds, soft dog beds, large raised dog beds
  • Bowls – food and water – metal – smaller for cats,and larger and heavier ones for water
  • Cat care items – snuggle safes, Divetelac and bottles for feeding kittens – for foster care
  • Cat grass
  • Cat toys and play equipment – scratching posts, tents, tunnels, cat nip toys, feathers
  • Cat litter
  • Collapsible dog crates – used for puppy training, and mums & bubs during kitten season
  • Comforters – knitted rugs and small blankets for cats & dogs
  • Computer/IT equipment – under two years old – including computers, heavy duty printers, halo microchip scanners
  • Dog clickers x 40
  • Dog hair dryer
  • Dog toys and play equipment – Kong toys, puzzle feeders, durable dog toys, stuffed toys, hanging bungee toys, agility equipment
  • Bar fridge to keep our animal treats in
  • Hydro bath and grooming equipment – brushes/combs for dogs and cats
  • Lavender plants
  • Oil burners and oils (lavender, chamomile, vanilla, almond) for dog relaxation
  • Portable stereo to play dog music (cd or ipod w/speakers)
  • Scales – dog scales x 1 and cat scales x 2 for Kemps Creek Shelter
  • Sprays – DAP dog spray, Feliway cat spray – with wall adaptors
  • Spray bottles x 10
  • Thundershirts! – all sizes, for dogs that are anxious and during storms at the shelters
  • Towels and blankets
  • Toys for real-life training: child-like dolls, toy prams, toy bassinnettes, Furreal kitties
  • Treats – rawhide treats and long-lasting chews
  • Treat buckets for kennels