While pet insurance helps pet owners access quality healthcare for their dog or cat an affordable price, there are tens of thousands of animals across Australia without a home.  Fortunately, there are a number of high impact rescue and animal welfare organizations that look out for the wellbeing of those animals that don’t yet have a loving home.

It’s worth considering if you would like to support an animal charity.

Fun fact!  If you can’t help out financially, almost every animal shelter in Australia is genuinely interested in donations of goods that you may have spare at your home or workplace.

Have a look at this list of items that Animal Welfare League NSW would welcome as donations and consider them for your local charity.

  • Bandanas
  • Bedding – igloo style cat beds, soft dog beds, large raised dog beds
  • Bowls – food and water – metal – smaller for cats,and larger and heavier ones for water
  • Cat care items – snuggle safes, Divetelac and bottles for feeding kittens – for foster care
  • Cat grass
  • Cat toys and play equipment – scratching posts, tents, tunnels, cat nip toys, feathers
  • Cat litter
  • Collapsible dog crates – used for puppy training, and mums & bubs during kitten season
  • Comforters – knitted rugs and small blankets for cats & dogs
  • Computer/IT equipment – under two years old – including computers, heavy duty printers, halo microchip scanners
  • Dog clickers x 40
  • Dog hair dryer
  • Dog toys and play equipment – Kong toys, puzzle feeders, durable dog toys, stuffed toys, hanging bungee toys, agility equipment
  • Bar fridge to keep our animal treats in
  • Hydro bath and grooming equipment – brushes/combs for dogs and cats
  • Lavender plants
  • Oil burners and oils (lavender, chamomile, vanilla, almond) for dog relaxation
  • Portable stereo to play dog music (cd or ipod w/speakers)
  • Scales – dog scales x 1 and cat scales x 2 for Kemps Creek Shelter
  • Sprays – DAP dog spray, Feliway cat spray – with wall adaptors
  • Spray bottles x 10
  • Thundershirts! – all sizes, for dogs that are anxious and during storms at the shelters
  • Towels and blankets
  • Toys for real-life training: child-like dolls, toy prams, toy bassinnettes, Furreal kitties
  • Treats – rawhide treats and long-lasting chews
  • Treat buckets for kennels