Pet Insurance for Older Dogs and Cats

Old Dog Pet Insurance

Just like us humans, your dog or cat will likely develop more health problems as they grow older. Arthritis, diabetes, and complications from old injuries can all necessitate more regular visits to the vet, as can many breed-specific issues affecting the eyes, ears, back, and joints.

If you’ve had pet insurance for years, you’ll have peace of mind that your pet should be well covered for their golden years. (And if your uninsured dog or cat will soon be 8 years old, now is a great time to shop around for pet insurance!) However, if you’re looking for pet insurance for older dogs or cats, your options are unfortunately limited.

For pets age 9 or older, most insurers will only offer coverage for accidents and injuries. Since older pets are generally less active than young ones, this coverage often may not be worthwhile.

We believe that Petmed offers the only comprehensive pet insurance plan in Australia for older pets. The level of coverage is lower than what is available for younger pets, but it is just as broad. Only 65% of vet bills are covered, the annual benefit limit will be lower, and a $199 excess is standard. Some coverage sub-limits are also reduced.

PetMed’s premiums for its senior product are on the higher side. Insurance for many older dog breeds will cost you $50 or more per month, so carefully consider what you anticipate spending on your pet’s healthcare as they age. Petmed promo codes offering a sign-up discount are occasionally available.

While there is no upper age limit on Petmed’s senior plans, be sure to note that pre-existing conditions are excluded, so you won’t receive coverage for any chronic conditions that your pet has already been diagnosed with.

Update:  Australia Post has recently launched its own line of pet insurance (via Petsure and Hollard) with no age limit!  Accident and illness coverage is available for pets over nine years of age at the bronze level of coverage.


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