Woolworths Pet Insurance – Free $50 Gift Voucher

Woolworths Pet InsuranceWoolworths now offers pet insurance for cats and dogs, which means you can pick a pet insurance policy with your groceries.  Woolworths is aiming to double its insurance business over the next year they currently offer life insurance, travel insurance, car insurance and pet insurance.

For pet insurance they offer a basic accident only cover, standard cover plus comprehensive accident and illness cover.  They will insure cats and dogs from 8 weeks to 9 years on standard and comprehensive policies.  There is no upper age limit for the basic accident policy.  There is no restrictions on the vet you can use providing they are legally licensed to practice as a veterinarian in Australia.  They can cover up to 80% of eligible veterinary costs.

Woolworths is currently offering a $50 Everyday Rewards Gift Card for new pet insurance customers. Rewards Card members can also redeem a 10% discount on monthly premiums, which Woolworths advertises as the cheapest pet insurance in Australia!

Read our Woolworths pet insurance review and consult the Product Disclosure statement to help determine if Woollies offers the right plan for you.

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