Pet Insurance Pre-Existing Conditions

Cat & Dog Insurance Pre Exisiting ConditionPre-existing conditions for pets is a common reason a pet insurance claim may be denied.  It is important to note each insurer may have a different definition of what constitutes a pre-existing condition and you will have to read your individual policy to see how any pre-existing conditions may be handled.

The best way to avoid pre-existing conditions is to purchase pet insurance when you cat or dog is young before any conditions or illness develops.  Most pet insures will allow you to insure your pet from 8 weeks of age.

Pet Insurance is designed to protect pets from unknown future events be that illness or accident.  Pre-existing conditions can be generally defined as a diagnosis or symptoms arising from illness or injury that was present before taking out a pet insurance policy or within a specified waiting period.

Misleading a pet insurance company about any past illness or injury to your pet can be considered fraud.  They have every right to cancel your policy or refuse any future claims that may be attributed to the past illness or injury.  A pet insurance company will not fund ongoing medical cost from a pre-existing condition.

If you are upfront about your pets condition you may still be able to get insurance but with exclusions for the past illness or injury and future medical treatments arising from the illness or injury.  You are best to be upfront and have a discussion with your pet insurance provider to see if an agreement can be reached if your pet has a pre-existing condition.

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