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We added information on how you can sort and search the table

With so many pet insurance options out there, when you’re comparing each one against the next can be time consuming – if not a little tedious! To help you save time – and brainpower – we’ve created this easy-to-read pet insurance comparison table.

Within the table, we’ve collated info from more than 20 pet insurance brands, placing all the need-to-know info for each product side-by-side. Taking into account cheap prices, premiums, excess amounts, limits and waiting periods, the table breaks it all down, so you can quickly(and easily) compare each pet insurance policy to see how it stacks up.

You can use click or tap on the table headers to sort by price, excess, waiting times, maximum coverage and even brand name. If you have a specific brand in mind you can search for it and then read my review. When you click “Get quote” you’ll be take to that insurers website.

Of course, as each pet and each situation is different, the prices provided within the table won’t be the price you pay for your pet insurance. The table is meant as a guide to help you save time as you narrow your options, after which, you can get a more precise quote.

What did we find after comparing the options below?

Pet insurance premiums across all plans averaged $98.92, with the most expensive plan costing over $100 per month more than the cheapest. With this annual difference of $1,247, it shows just how crucial is it to compare your options before you buy pet insurance.

It’s also worth noting just how different each policy can be. While cost is worth comparing, the range of cover provided is also important. For more help comparing the cover offered within each policy, be sure to check out our detailed pet insurance reviews.

Pet Insurance Prices Compare plans below.
Pet Insurance Plan Monthly Premium Vet Bills Covered Excess Amount Annual Benefit Limit Waiting Period for Illness Compare quotes

Everyday Comprehensive Plus
$80.26 80.00% $0.00 $30,000 30 days Get quote
Budget Direct Pet Insurance
Budget Direct Pet Insurance
$87.24 80.00% $100.00 $12,000 30 days Get quote

Kogan Pet Luxury
$79.55 80.00% $0.00 $15,000 30 days Get quote

Knose Pet Insurance

$117.27 90.00% $0.00 $25,000 14 days Get quote

Vets Choice Elite
$150.70 100.00% $200.00 $15,000 21 days Get quote

Coles Premium
$83.30 100.00% $200.00 $15,000 21 days Get quote

Petsy Top Cover

$149.28 90.00% $0.00 $25,000 14 days Get quote

Guardian Platinum Accident & Illness Cover
$83.49 80.00% $0.00 $12,000 30 days Get quote

Pet Insurance Australia Major Medical Plan

$83.61 80.00% $0.00 $30,000 30 days Get quote

Real Premium Accident & Illness Cover
$85.27 80.00% $0.00 $12,000 30 days Get quote

RSPCA Ultimate Plus Accident & Illness Cover
$90.19 80.00% $0.00 $20,000 30 days Get quote

Seniors Top Accident & Illness Cover
$83.52 80.00% $0.00 $12,000 30 days Get quote

Trupanion Pet Insurance

$184.24 90.00% $0.00 Unlimited 30 days  

Guide Dogs Premium Care
$98.88 85.00% $0.00 $20,000 30 days  

Prime Sovereign Accident & Illness Cover
$103.12 85.00% $0.00 $14,000 30 days  

Bow Wow Meow Ultimate Care
$79.47 80.00% $0.00 $20,000 30 days  

HCF Pet Premium
$83.47 80.00% $0.00 $12,000 30 days  

Bupa Ultimate
$92.50 80.00% $0.00 $20,000 30 days  
petbarn pet insurance
Petbarn Total Cover
$97.45 100.00% $0.00 Up to applicable benefit limits 20 days Pet Insurance Review Accidental Injury & Illness Cover
$77.98 80.00% $0.00 $10,000 30 days  

Petmed Ultimate Plan
$97.08 80.00% $0.00 $18,000 30 days  

1300 Insurance Comprehensive Protect
$88.91 75.00% $0.00 $15,000 30 days  

How We Created This Pet Insurance Comparison

Using an example case, we obtained quotes from each provider’s website on October 26, 2023. Our quotes were obtained for a 6 month old, de-sexed, female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, with a 60 year old owner, located in New South Wales, 2150. No discounts or promo codes were applied, and for each plan, we selected comprehensive coverage and declined any supplementary benefits. Wherever possible, we selected a $0 excess. You can learn more in our Pet Insurance Claims statistics piece if you’re interested.

All figures were correct at the time of writing.

Please bear in mind as you compare pet insurance options detailed within the table that the premium and coverage offered to you will vary based on your pet’s breed, sex and age, your age and location, as well as the level of coverage you select, pricing changes and promotional offers.

Prior to purchasing any insurance product, you should carefully review the full terms and conditions as listed in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Why is pet insurance important?

Dr. Chris Brown

“There’s no doubt in my mind that pet insurance saves lives”

– Dr. Chris Brown

You never know what life or your pet is going to throw at you. Pet insurance can help cover the costs of vet costs, so you’re out of pocket for less. Australia’s famous “Bondi Vet”, Dr. Chris Brown, believes in it so much, he joined Medibank Pet Insurance as their ambassador.

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