Fire Safety Pet Tips

There’s nothing like sitting around a fire on a cold winter’s night snuggled up with your beloved pet…. but, have you thought about what you might do in the rare case that your fire gets out of control?

It’s not a nice thought, however, on most occasions pets are unable to find escape routes for themselves, so we need to ensure we practice and teach them one regularly.

A good idea is to frequently do a fire drill with your family and your pets. You can start by sounding what would be the fire alarm and teach your pet how you would like them to react to the noise and the commotion. This will also get your family used to remembering your pet and finding the best possible escape route for them.

Also ensure you have pet alert stickers in place so that when fire rescue arrive, they will know that you have pets inside your home that will need help.

Having a plan ensures that all your loved ones, which include your pets, are kept safe.

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