Keeping your Pets Warm this Winter

With winter upon us it is important to think about our pet’s and ensure they are kept warm.

If your pets gets to cold over winter they can develop sinus and respiratory problems.  Arthritis can also be a problem in winter especially for older dogs.

If you can’t keep your pet indoors for dogs you can consider a warm jacket and a nice dry bed that is cushioned and elevated from the ground.  Cat’s usually don’t like jackets so a nice elevated cushioned bed with a blanket can be helpful for them to snuggle up.

Also dogs may bark if they are too cold so ensuring they are warm via blanket or coat/ jacket may stop the barking and improve your sleep.

If you are unsure about your pet in winter, notice shivering or a dry nose you should consult a qualified vet who can provide advice to ensure your pet remains warm, happy and healthy.

Keep yourself and your pets warm this winter.

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